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Power Solutions

MV_Power Plant
The MV_Power Plant is a self sufficient module, which can supply as stand-alone source or to be synchronized with other modules or with the utility, designed to offer a medium-voltage power supply as both a primary and an emergency source. It incorporates high-technology control systems with broad functionalities, an increased interfacing capacity for both local and remote systems, management systems, and monitoring of the effectiveness of the energy, amongst other advantages.

Hybrid Power Solutions (HPS)
New to the market in 2015, Himoinsa Variable Speed Hybrid generators that reduce fuel consumption by 40% and extend maintenance periods up to 1000 hrs. Ideal for the Telecoms and Rental Sectors, this high efficiency is achieved through the development of technology which is 100% Himoinsa, whose team have designed an INTEGTRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM through the development of an electronic device. Benefits include longer useful life less operating hours (divided into 8hrs of genset operation and 16hrs of battery power every 24hrs), Less Maintenance (HPS can operate efficiently without any maintenance for 4 months), Cost Savings (HPS gensets need refuelling only once in a period of 40 days). 

Power Cube Generator

The Power Cube Generator is robust and easy to transport, using a 10 ft container with a connection system that enables shipping of 2 units with just one standard 20 ft container.  For this, the machine has been provided with a control unit that enables up to 32 units to be connected in parallel, enabling a rental company to be able to undertake projects from 500kw to 16MW with a single machine model.

Dual Frequency Generators
Himoinsa HRTW 1300D dual frequency generator set, which provides 1300kVA of power at 50Hz is directed at the rental sector in particular.
Designed for applications that require high strength and durability wherever efficient, fast and reliable power is required. This versatile solution can be used in multiple applications, being in high demand in construction, mining, refining, seaports, at events, and also as an independent power plant (IPP).

Medium Voltage Generators
HIMOINSA power generators are designed to cover medium voltage electricity needs. This type of configuration is a profitable and trusted solution in critical sectors such as hospitals, refineries, petrochemical plants, the steel industry and similar areas.

Power Gen – IPP
A Plug and Play product that allows the modules of the unit to be added or subtracted so as to increase or decrease the power output, depending on the needs of the client, without technical complications. This technology also allows the generation plant to be divided into modules without losing control over the equipment or affecting the autonomy of its functioning. The IPP help improve the electricity network, guaranteeing continuous energy to industries in which an interruption in the electricity flow is unviable, and to regions that are affected by electricity rationing.